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Capture your moments in all-weather just with your phone!

Who says you need a bulky camera for candid shots of your outdoor activities?

We've got your back! Here's Button Pouch designed to protect your Android from the sand, waves and snow while you're taking photos or videos with just one press on the 2nd generation Air Button! You can even bring it with you while diving, snowboarding or other extreme sports! Heck, if this thing is good enough for adrenaline junkies, it's probably good enough for you!

Full Android Compatibility

Check out some of the amazing features of Button Pouch

The waterproof pouch keeps your phone bone dry, whether you're floating on the surface or taking a dive in depths up to 30 meters.

The pouch accommodates most of the Android phone in the market today, so you can use it yourself or share it with your friends!

This app works on a PUSH of the button. The best part? No external battery needed. It only draws small current from phone's battery!

Wireless Connection to your phone with no syncing required. It works right out of the bag!

Amazing Features

 The app is extremely lightweight and features a simple and intuitive interface that makes your life easier.

Comes with two built-in buttons on the back of your pouch - providing tactile feedback for you to press without looking.

No Battery Required

NFC Technology

Easy To Use App

Tactile Buttons




It's sometimes challenging to engage the phone when it's underwater or close to beach hazards. Fret not! Check out what Button Pouch can do!

Dive Timer

You can take snapshots at the touch of a tactile button, whether on land or in water. All you have to do is secure your phone in the pouch and press the button on the back of your phone. 

It's Awesome

You can even record video when you've got your phone secured in the Button Pouch. Just press the other button and you are off to a good start on your visual documentation!


The app comes with a dive timer, which will tell you how many minutes you have been in the water while you're gliding around, enjoying the underwater sights.

Get yourself an extra 15% off when

Button Pouch goes LIVE on Indiegogo!

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